Tradition and

The precision and safety of our closing mechanisms are the main factors capable of translating our production into concrete and reliable production.

Technology, experience and tradition are the typical components of our production, which today can cover all types of locks for frames, doors and gates, in the most popular materials such as wood, iron, aluminum and PVC.

From design to construction, our production is treated in every detail to fully satisfy the specifications submitted by customers in relation to an increasingly demanding and competitive market..
Thanks to a long tradition and rigorous controls in the various stages of the production process, we are now able to offer products of recognized and certified quality.

From the raw material to the packaging and shipment of the product, the whole process is rigorously controlled to ensure maximum product reliability.

Research and developement

The continuous search for new and innovative solutions and increasingly high-performance and environmentally sensitive materials leads us to develop products that meet the modern challenges and flexibility requirements of a constantly moving market.