Quality, reliability
and safety

We have always considered the quality of the products a distinctive factor of our offer.

The construction specifications, the selection of materials, the attention to assembly are a constant in our history and a guarantee for our customers.

As confirmation of the quality of our locks, there is tangible proof that more and more products are able to brilliantly pass the tests conducted by accredited certification bodies.

The planning and management control system, contained in the D-1001: 2008 standard, represents our commitment to continue in this direction.

Our strength

Product quality, careful selection of the supply chain, flexibility in order management, fast deliveries and creation of a real partnership with customers.

These are the main traits that set us apart and are a real added value for customers.

Ethics and environment

Our company has recently launched a project aimed at renewing the way we manage the entire production.

Such project has already been implemented in the individual production departments and we will be fully committed on this front.

Our goal is to respond, in the coming years, in a tangible way to the ecological needs to which we are ethically called to respond.

Made in Italy

Our company is appreciated all over the world for the high quality and reliability of its products.

The attention to detail and the high production standard, combined with a long tradition in the design and development of locking systems, make our brand a great representative of the quality of Made in Italy all over the world.