All our contracts are governed by these general conditions that are an integral part of our offers and order confirmations, excluding cases of special agreements that must be expressly accepted by the house.

The term seller means : WELKA SERRATURE SPA.


all our offers are non-binding. Orders received directly to the seller or through agents and/or representatives bind the seller under conditions that are confirmed by the seller in writing.

1.1 Any changes to the items ordered will be accepted only if received within 8 days from the date of our order confirmation. After this time, the order confirmation will be deemed finally approved and as such processed.

1.2 The terms of delivery of the goods, if any, indicated in the order confirmation are to be considered as approximate and always subject to the possibilities of manufacture.


2.1 The prices in this price list are exclusive of VAT.

They may be revised upon delivery of the goods as a result of intervening cost changes.


3.1 The cost of standard packaging is included in the price.

3.2 Any special packaging will be charged at cost.


4.1 Orders of less than €350.00 will be charged €17.00 for administrative costs.


5.1 for orders over €uro 1500.00 free at destination with our carrier

5.2 for orders less than €uro 1500.00 free at destination with our carrier with a charge of €uro 30.00

5.3 for direct pickups no discount will be granted

5.4 for shipment with delivery reservation will be charged €uro 16.00 plus freight charges


6.1 in the event of breakage, theft, tampering during transport, the recipient must contact only the carriers in charge at the time of delivery. The seller assumes no liability in this regard either to the purchaser or to the consignee.


 7.1 Delays in delivery shall not entitle the buyer to refunds or indemnities of any kind

Article 8 PAYMENTS

8.1 Invoices shall be paid within the terms set forth in our order confirmation and only at our office    

8.2 notwithstanding the foregoing, payments may be made to agents and/or representatives expressly authorized by the seller       

8.3 the submission of any claim shall not release the purchaser from payment of the invoice amount on the due date stipulated.       

8.4 in case of non-payment, the seller will apply the interest in force provided for in the regulation D.L. 231 of 09/10/2022       

8.5 when the seller has reasonable grounds to believe that the purchaser is unable to pay, or when the purchaser refuses to provide the required guarantees the seller shall have the right to deem the contract terminated by truncating its execution and the shipments of the remaining orders; for the goods shipped, to take appropriate measures to prevent the purchaser from taking possession of the goods.       

8.6 The seller remains the owner of the goods delivered to the buyer until the invoice is paid in full until the time of collection.Any goods that have already been paid for still remain the property of the seller until the invoice for them has been paid in full.

 8.7 payments by bank receipt charged on the invoice €uro 4.00 for bank charges


 9.1 in case of resale of the goods to a third party, the seller, in case of a dispute, shall be deemed to be completely exonerated from any liability.

ARTICLE 10 COMPLAINS                 

10.1 Returns of goods will not be accepted when the shipment conforms to the order conferred.                  10.2 The purchaser may assert its rights for hidden defects from the goods only if it has informed the seller within the maximum period of 8 days from receipt of the same via pec ( ).      In this case, the buyer may only demand the replacement of the batch of goods excluding any compensation for damages and/or interest.                   

10.3 Only in case of written acceptance by the seller regarding the return of the material the buyer must wait for authorization before shipping the goods .

ART 11 RETURNS       

11.1 Any return of goods deemed defective or not working must be authorized in advance by WELKA SERRATURE SPA and in any case returned carriage paid.


12.1 for any dispute the Competent Court will be that of Como